Deck & Sunroom

Before we started the porch last fall we had to excavate the dirt where the middle pole is now to make room for the that pole. We then took all the rocks that we removed to make room for the pole and replaced them to make the wall you see and the bottom step that will lead out from the porch. This will be our new bottom step once the deck is in place.
Jeff & Joe are back to complete the deck put in a storage shed, a sunroom and close in the back porch. First they dug a ditch around the entire porch and put in a french drain.
Here is a view of the stairs to the pond from our new deck. The last 20 feet if the deck are being framed in for a storage shed.
Here is a view of how the entrance will look. This shows the entrance and the sunroom being framed in.
This is a view of the shed with the sheathing in place. Here is a view of the sunroom showing the windows and the Foamular insulation.
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