Fall 2003

Lately we have been getting ready for winter. We have all our gas lines in. We have two Jøtul direct vent gas stoves for heat. We have an on demand water heater and gas cookstove piped in but not hooked up yet. Here is one of the 2 Jøtul direct vent gas stoves. One is in the studio, shown here and the other is in the living room.
This is a picture of our metal roof which was still periodically leaking. The good news is that the metal used on these old roofs is a heavier guage then what they use now. The problem is that they used spiral nails with lead caps. As our friend Curt Middleton, a periodontist in Vermont who came to visit recently and did a lot of roofing when he was younger told us, the heat and cold on the metal roof tends to make the nails pop out. We finally decided to replace the nails with screws with neoprene washers. The nails puled up easily using this nail puller and jig to fit over the seams. The north side is finally completed.
This is the back door to the studio that Danielle built. We decided not to build the insulated door that she used as an experiment in the crawl space because it is so thick that it requiers special hardware that is expensive and difficult to find. The back door from the outside.
We finished closing in the soffits on the west side. We still need to do the trim and the batton, but this is as much as we will do this year. Camper loves sitting in front of our new stove. With no insulation in the ceiling yet, he is the only one who stays warm when it is on.
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