Fixing the Sill

The floor was jacked up off the sill in 16 foot sections and then supported by concrete blocks and 2x10's. Notice the concrete foundation does not touch the bottom of the sill yet.
The 6x6 supporting one section of the barn was jacked up. You can see the bottom of the 6x6 behind the jack is also rotten.
The 6x6 was then supported on the inside of the barn by a 2x8. The bottom 6 inches of the 6x6 were then cut off. Then the rotten sill was cut into pieces and removed.
In order to fill the gap that originally existed between the sill and the concrete blocks, plywood forms were placed at the top of the blocks, wire mesh placed over the top of the blocks leaving a cell open every four feet. These cells will be filled with concrete and an anchor bolt.
Concrete was poured over the mesh and in the open cells. Anchor bolts were placed, then aluminum flashing and styrafoam sill sealer then the pressure treated 2x10's. A 6x6 block was then placed where the rotted 6x6 was cut away and the pole was placed back in its original position and nailed and screwed in place. This was done in sections for the entire west and east sides.
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