Framing II

We planed the boards and then waterproofed them on all sides and were ready to put up the first board. Danielle spoke to her brother Corky on the phone, telling him about the barn. He said "The first board you put up is the Corky Board because it will be the strongest board and the board by which every other board will be measured". Putting the first board up took forever and was a major pain in the ass. Danielle said "Yea, that's the Corky Board" West Side with all the boards up. We put spacers between the boards and the Fomular to act as a drainage plane and allow the boards to dry if water gets behind them.
Danielle nailing the plywood sheathing on the north side. We decided to sheath the north & south sides with plywood, since the bracing was removed and large windows will take up the entire north side. This will provide bracing from the wind against the large west side. Nov 2002 during a snowstorm. North side with plywood, extruded polystyrene and the studio windows in place.
South side while putting up the plywood sheathing and covering it with extruded polystyrene. Our dog Camper in the doorway.
South side with the plywood sheathing, extruded polystyrene and the windows.
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