2x6 nailers were placed horizontally since the barn is already supported by the 6x6's with 2 sets diagonal braces. The horizontal nailers will be needed later for the board & batton. Extruded polystyrene was used for an air barrier and moisture barrier and some insulation. The edges of the styrafoam were taped and silicone placed at the floor and ceiling.
The second floor on the southwest side. The framing has since been changed to allow a bank of windows on the south wall.
Since some of the 2x6 bracing was removed in order to place windows and doors, additional 2x6 bracing was let in to replace it.
Danielle with her friend and assistant Cindi and the stairs she built.
Our friend Perry and the 55 amp temporary electric service he installed. Before that we were running a large extension cord from the electric box. Perry took one look at it, shook his head and took control.
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