Mountain City

We found some more property in Mountain City Tennessee. It is 34 acres, 11.5 in the city limits and 22.5 outside the city. It overlooks Mountain City and the Iron Mountain range behind it.
Most of these pictures are from a part of the property that is on the city line that would be a good spot to build a house. On this spot there is a 180 degree view of the Iron Mountain range.
Another view of the Iron Mountains. Butler, where we live now, has about 500 people and Mountain City has about 5000. Another view of the Iron Mountains. So, if Butler were Mayberry RFD, then Mountain City would be Mount Pilot.
When we first looked at this property we saw this barn shown on the left. My first words were"Oh, no! We're not converting any more barns into anything. This is a view looking in the opposite direction at the property that is not in the city limits. A good part of this property is woods.
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