Temporary Living Quarters

Before we left for our annual New Mexico trip in Februray, we got our gas heater and stove hooked up. Since we have been back we have spent most of our time making things more liveable. We put cardboard and plastic on the wall between the studio and kitchen, to try to keep the dust down as much as possible. We put together a linen closet (on the left) and a sink base cabinet (on the right) to use as a temporary pantry and counter. They will eventually go into the laundry room. We have half the framing for the penensula done so we put in the sink and covered the rough counter top with shelf paper. (The other side will have a breakfast bar with storage underneath.) I polyurethaned the subfloor to prevent any water damage. The dishwasher is in place just as a place to store it yet, but we figure it is not worth another temporary electric line to run it.
After being back from New Mexico, sleeping on our futon bed and moving in our washer and dryer we both had sore backs. We thought it was time to move in our bed and matress. It took us a whole day to get it out of storage and moved upstairs, but we haven't had sore backs since. We had to put it upstairs since our bedroom downstairs still needs a lot of work, but the advantage is we get to watch the deer in the morning out our south windows. This will eventually be our laundry room door.
This is our front door from the outside. Here is the front door from the inside.
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