This is the service lines bringing the water and power to the house. The power is on the right in the grey conduit and the water is on the left and has already been covered by dirt. This is the upstairs bath. We decided to put this in first since it is small and took less time. We put RedGuard over the cement board. It is waterproof and it helps prevent the tile from cracking if there is any flex in the floor. The area behind the bath will eventually be a built in bed.
Danielle finished the back wall and the others are still just framing. The wall to the right will also be pine and the others will be tile. Here is the other side of the wall with the toilet. The unframed wall with the vent pipe will be tile.
This is the whirlpool tub. We haven't put the tile on the wall yet Here is our laundry room. The on demand gas water heater is above the washer & dryer. As you can see we have water but are still on temproary electric. Danielle has been waiting for the dryer, which is on the left, to break as long as we have been married, but it keeps running. We will replace it when we get things finished.
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