Hillbillies In Training

This old barn is a 28 feet by 64 feet pole barn that was originally used for drying tobacco. The tobacco was hung from the two levels of 2x6's running east to west. From the ground to the roof it is about 24 feet on the high side and about 20 on the low side. It will eventually be an art studio and an apartment. The art studio will be on the north side which is to the left in the photo and have large windows for north light.
Danielle & Lupie on the south side of the barn before the floor was put in. Above her are the lower level of 2x6's the tobacco was hung from. The barn was originally constructed of three creosote treated telephone poles 5 feet in the ground on the south side with another three poles on the north side. In between these are sets of 3 poles every 8 feet that are cut off level at about 3 feet. 4x8 inch sills were placed on these cut off poles and the rest of the vertical support is from rough cut 6x6's.
View from the top of the property showing the neighbor's barn, Lake Watauga and the mountains of East Tennessee. Our barn is in the lower right corner.
Fall 2002. In the foreground a view of our chicken coop. The Elk Mills Volunteer Fire Department hooking his winch up to and pulling the UPS guy out of the mud in the lower part of our property. In the background our neighbors converted tobacco barn.
In the fall of 2000 we put in the floor and later had a contractor pour footers and lay concrete blocks between the poles and almost up to the sill. When we returned in the spring of 2001 we decided to remove the 2 x 10 covering the sill. The 2 x 10 is shown in place on the right and on the left you can see that the sill underneath is rotten. To see how we dealt with it see Fixing the Sill. Our dog Camper
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